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As part of a new ongoing series, the creative brains at Wyndham Capital decided it’d be fun to talk to homeowners who recently went through the home buying, refinancing, or equity process. What did they do that worked? When did they know it was the right time? What didn’t go as planned?

We thought you could learn from their stories – we certainly did.

Meet Theresa. 


She has completed two refinances with Wyndham Capital.


What made you decide to refinance your home?

  • “After my husband passed away, I did pay off my mortgage. It was completely paid off. But, I hadn’t done many of the upgrades I wanted to do. So, I decided as a mission I was going to turn it into this dream home. I was ready to go ahead and covert my equity line of credit into a mortgage because I knew it was possible interest rates could go up.”

How did you hear about Wyndham Capital?

  • “I met a girl at an engagement party and it turned out it was Kara Whitman. It was my [future] loan officer! She told me how easy the process was and she gave me her card. When the time came, I gave her a call and I was really impressed with how easy she said it was going to be.”

What was the process like?

  • “It was so simple. We worked over the phone. I did everything from either my home or office. She would send me an e-mail telling me exactly what documents I needed to provide.”

What was your favorite part about the process?

  • “When it came time to close, I didn’t even have to go to a lawyer’s office. They met me at home and we closed at my dining room table. I was still in my robe!”

How was your experience working with Wyndham?

  • “It was really so easy. Working with Wyndham gave me the opportunity to have the resources needed to make all the changes to my home. It just couldn’t have been a smoother process from start to finish.”

So, now that your dream home is complete — what’s your favorite thing about it?!

  • “It’s actually my laundry room. It was a laundry closet that was in my dining room but I converted it to look like a buffet. It doesn’t look like a laundry room or a closet in my dining room.”



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