Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector & What Do They Look For

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A home Inspector’s job involves a thorough and extensive checklist. It’s been said that home inspectors evaluate anything and everything that has to do with anything and everything.

A home inspector evaluates a home before a sale and provides valuable property information to the buyer. Home inspectors not only focus on the major defects of a home that would cost the buyer a lot of money to fix, but they also focus on the details of the home. Knowing what a home inspector will look for during the inspection process can prepare you to ask the right questions.


What Do Home Inspectors Look For? Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Malfunctions

Heating and air conditioning systems are a very expensive part of a home. A home inspector isn’t only going to confirm they turn on, but they will also confirm that hot and cold air is provided to every area of the home, as adequate airflow to every room with the proper air return is crucial. Inspectors ensure the HVAC units are properly located and secured in addition to verifying they are properly sized for the property.


What to Ask: “Are the HVAC systems up to date?”


What Do Home Inspectors Look For? Roof Damage

Home inspectors are roof experts and can tell if a tile or composite roof was installed correctly. They can easily spot whether a roof was done by a professional or an amateur and will note any damage it may have. Inspectors also examine any flashings, chimneys or skylights on the roof. 


What to Ask: “How old is the roof?”


What Do Home Inspectors Look For? Plumbing Issues

Most properties do not have exposed plumbing, but the inspector still verifies that the plumbing provides the home with adequate water flow and proper water pressure. They will also make sure the plumbing is draining properly.


What to Ask: “Are there any major issues with the plumbing?”


What Do Home Inspectors Look For? Electrical Issues

An inspector will verify that the home’s electrical system is working properly and providing enough power to the home. They will also confirm there are enough outlets and that all circuit breakers are working properly.


What to Ask: “Do any electrical elements need to be updated?”


What Do Home Inspectors Look For? Signs of Unwanted Water

Undetected water will cause mold. Water found in a basement can be a sign that there is structural damage. Stains on walls and ceilings can be a sign of roof leaks and possible plumbing issues. A home’s exterior may have signs of dry rot, which is another sign of unwanted water. Home inspectors keep an eye out for unwanted water in all areas of the home.


What to Ask: “Did you find any mold?”


What Do Home Inspectors Look For? Cracks in the Walls, Ceilings and Floors

An inspector will look for cracks in the walls, ceilings and floors of a home. Even the slightest separation can mean a cracked or separated foundation. 


What to Ask: “Are there any major cracks in the foundation or is there foundation separation?”

What Do Home Inspectors Look For? Broken Windows and Doors

Home inspectors thoroughly evaluate windows and doors, verifying that all windows and doors open and close properly. They will also note if there is a missing door sweep or window screen.


What to Ask: “How old are the windows and do they need to be replaced?”


Getting a home inspection is an important part of the homebuying process. Another important part is the home lending process. For fast and easy lending options, partner with a digital mortgage company today.

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