refinance / 10 Year

Save more money over the life of a loan with a 10-year refinance

The shortest of Wyndham Capital’s refinance options, 10-year refinance loans can replace your current mortgage with a new one offering competitive rates and lower monthly payments.

Save big with a smaller loan. Pay your loan off sooner to potentially save thousands in interest over the life of your mortgage. Another perk is building equity faster than other loan options.

What is a 10-year refinance?

A 10-year refinance is the shortest refinance options available. It’s the process of replacing a current mortgage loan with a new one for a variety of reasons. Utilizing 10-year refinance rates can get a borrower competitively lower interest rates available while possibly lowering their monthly payment.

Pros and Cons of 10-Year Refinance Rates and Terms


  • Lower interest rates than all other refinancing options
  • Pay the loan off sooner
  • Pay less in interest overall


  • Higher monthly payments

Reasons to Choose a 10-Year Refinance

Because 10-year mortgage refinance rates offer competitively lower refinance options, this could save you money over the life of the loan. A 10-year refinance loan may entice you due to saving money, building equity faster and paying the loan off sooner.