Experience closing where you’re comfortable.

No need to take time off for an in-person closing appointment. Wyndham Capital Mortgage has you covered with electronic mortgage closings.

Save Time and Money with an Electronic Mortgage Closing

Get into your new home faster with Wyndham Capital Mortgage’s eClosing experience. Finalize your purchase and sign paperwork from the comfort of your couch or favorite coffee shop.

Get It Done Fast

Your time is limited, so we’ve made it our business to streamline the homebuying process. You can expect to close on your home at a pace that’s 60% faster than the mortgage industry average.

Save Money

Going from application to closing in less time also means less money out of your pocket.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Our digital-first platform allows us to focus on what matters most — getting you into your new home. We rely on robotics to handle the heavy lifting so we can process your application in record time.

eClosing: The Modern Way to Close on a Home

If you’ve ever wondered if working with a FinTech mortgage lender is the right move for you, ask yourself this: “Do I want faster and more convenient service in less time than what traditional lenders can offer me?” At Wyndham Capital, we believe that your time is valuable, and we’re not here to waste it. From digital pre-approvals to eClosing, you can close on a house up to 15 percent faster than the industry average. Now that’s time well-saved.

eClosings with Award-Winning Robotics

What makes our electronic mortgage closings (eClosings) efficient? Thanks to a combination of award-winning robotics, digital platforms and artificial intelligence, Wyndham Capital has the unique opportunity to streamline data collection, input and processing. This gives our loan officers more time to focus on you and your specific home loan needs. Our robotics also negate the need for hand processing menial paperwork, cutting down the time it takes to process your application from start to finish.

eClosings Anytime, Anywhere

Convenience is the name of the game. Gone are the days you and your significant other need to coordinate a time to sit at the bank for several hours. With an eClosing, you’re in command of your home loan closing – the way buying a home should be. So, whether it’s from the couch or the beach, we’re ready to close when you are.

$10,000 On-Time Closing Guarantee

At Wyndham Capital, we’ve put our money where our mouth is. That’s why we back up our home purchase eClosings with a $10,000 On-Time Closing Guarantee; if we don’t close on your home on time, you get paid. It’s that simple.

Whether you’re buying a home for the first time or in the market to check out home mortgage refinance rates, Wyndham Capital Mortgage has the knowledge and know-how to help you with the process.