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Buying a Home
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Tools For Success
Wyndham Capital Mortgage believes knowledge is power in the home buying process. That’s why we’ve made it easy to compare mortgage rates plus get your mortgage pre-approval all from the comfort of your home. Our simple mortgage calculator helps you determine “how much house” you can afford based on principal, interest, home insurance, property taxes and even home owner association (HOA) fees.

Priority Purchase
Often, you may not be the only one interested in buying a particular home, which is why being pre-approved could be an advantage. With Wyndham Capital’s Priority Purchase Program, your mortgage pre-approval can be the step you need. By verifying your income, credit and other lending factors, this underwritten pre-approval informs sellers and realtors your offer is backed by a leading mortgage lender.

On-Time Guarantee
As online mortgage lenders, we value offering a fast and efficient mortgage loan experience for all of our clients. That’s why we back our mortgage loan process with a $10k on-time closing guarantee.

With Wyndham Capital’s eClosing, you close on your time anywhere that is convenient for you. From answering your mortgage questions to making sure all the necessary paperwork is completed, Wyndham Capital Mortgage is your virtual one-stop-shop for your mortgage needs. Chat with one of our mortgage lending experts today to get started with the home purchase process.

Home Purchase Loan Options

30-Year Mortgage Rate
A 30-year mortgage loan is the most common type of home loan. It offers lower monthly payments but higher interest rates. This may be a great option for those buying a new home for the first time.

20-Year Mortgage Rate
A 20-year mortgage rate loan comes with slightly higher monthly payments than a 30-year loan and slightly lower interest rates with the ability to pay off the loan quicker.

15-Year Mortgage Rate
A 15-year mortgage rate loan comes with higher monthly payments and lower interest rates for a shorter amount of time. This could be a good option for those who have the funds available to pay a larger monthly mortgage payment.

10-Year Mortgage Rate
A 10-year mortgage loan comes with much higher monthly payments and lower interest rates with the ability to fully own your home in 10 years. This could be an option for high-income earners buying a new home.

Home Purchase FAQs

Should I float or lock my mortgage rate?
You may want to lock your mortgage rate when interest rates are fluctuating. This ensures your interest rate doesn’t increase before your home purchase. Floating your mortgage rate has some risk because while there is a chance the rates will drop, they also can increase.

Which is better, a 15 or 30-year mortgage?
A 30-year mortgage may be better for homebuyers who want a low monthly mortgage payment. A 15-year mortgage is likely better for homebuyers who want to pay off their loan quickly and have a larger available monthly budget.

How long is a typical mortgage term?
Mortgage terms vary from 10 to 30 years, with the most popular option for buying a new home being a 30-year mortgage term.

How many mortgages should I apply for?
During the home purchase process, the homebuyer may want to avoid applying for more than mortgages so it does not negatively impact your credit score.

When should I start shopping for a mortgage?
A mortgage pre-approval is good for 60-90 days. You should start shopping for a mortgage three to four months before you are ready to purchase a home.