Wyndham Capital Mortgage Launches Virtual Closings with Notarize

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This article was originally published by Notarize

“Today we’re excited to share that Wyndham Capital Mortgage has officially launched 100% online closings with Notarize, to truly bring their vision of a modern mortgage company to fruition.”

“Completing their first digital closing in under an hour, a borrower in Virginia was able to close on his loan without leaving the house.

‘Our first closing went as smooth as it could have gone with Notarize,’ said Daphne Beumer, Director of Closing and Post Closing at Wyndham Capital Mortgage. ‘As soon as the closing was complete, I emailed our executive team saying we needed to expand this offering to as many states as we could. This truly changes the dynamic of the traditional closing.’

First American predicted earlier this year that 65% of the real estate industry would adopt remote online notarization and digital collaboration tools, and we’re seeing that hold true at Notarize. Lenders using Notarize to power their borrower experience have completed more than 10,000 closings online in the last six months alone, and within the last year, we’ve facilitated billions of home closings on our platform. 

To be a modern mortgage company, companies need to use technology to make the last mile of the closing better. We believe that Wyndham, along with its partner Silk Title & Escrow, are leading the charge, and setting the bar high for the rest of the industry on how to make the home buying experience better.”


Interested in experiencing a 100% online mortgage experience?

With more than 21 years in the industry, we’re a leading fintech mortgage lender saving current and potential homeowners money and time through transparent rates, zero junk lender fees*, and technology that automates over five million tasks each month. We’ve served over 100,000 borrowers, boast a 98% customer satisfaction rating and 4.9 stars on thousands of online reviews, and provide a “mortgages without migraines” experience. (*Note: Wyndham does not charge junk fees, application fees, processing fees, or underwriting fees. There can be fees charged directly by Third Parties for services such as, but not limited to, title, settlement, appraisal, taxes, and insurance.)

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