Why Wyndham Capital is One Of Charlotte’s Best Places To Work 

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Posted: 11/2/2017 | Read Time: 1min

Switching jobs and companies is common (especially in the mortgage industry) when you’re trying to find the best fit for your career. We asked some of our Loan Officers why they decided to call Wyndham Capital home. Along with improved processes and technology, our culture is what truly makes us stand out from the rest. 



Why did you decide to return to Wyndham Capital? 

The people here are like family. I don’t think you will find a better group of successful and likeminded individuals who genuinely care about what we do and how we get the opportunity to change our clients’ lives. Not to mention we all make a pretty good living so we get the opportunity to create the life most people only dream of. And we do it together!


What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed since returning?

Management is taking a better pulse on what we need to be better at our jobs. Our technology has always been top notch in the industry but Wyndham has leveled up to a whole new place in just a few short months.


What’s different about Wyndham now compared to several years ago?

I think we’ve improved in just about every aspect. Executive decision-making is very proactive and the culture is buzzing like I have never seen it before. Technology and efficiency is ever evolving but there is no doubt we are better in both of those aspects than we ever have been before. 


What’s your favorite “technology tool” available to you at Wyndham?

The integrated LOS system that has the ability to do 3 weeks of “normal mortgage process” in about 2 hours. We streamline the entire process for our clients!


What’s the best thing about being a Mortgage Consultant at Wyndham?

We work for a company that gives us all the tools, listens to what we need, compensates us well, and empowers us to be the best people we can. It really is something special!




Competitive pay, advanced technology, and a priority in creating a work-life balance is important but at Wyndham Capital Mortgage we take it a step further – when you’re here, you’re family. 


Interested in learning more about joining the Wyndham Capital Family? 




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