What to Expect When You Apply for a Mortgage Loan Online

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Are you buying a home for the first time? Unless you are paying cash, you are going to need financing. Therefore it is important to understand how the home lending process works. 


Getting a loan is not as easy as going to the bank and asking to borrow money for a new house. Nowadays, a borrower has options and can choose between several online mortgage lenders. Whether you are interested in a conventional or FHA loan, choosing to work with a direct mortgage lender vs. a mortgage broker should be the first step when you apply for a mortgage loan. 


What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

A direct mortgage lender can save you time and money, along with speeding up the home lending process. No more lost paperwork or making time to stop by the lender’s office to sign a document. Choosing to work with a direct mortgage lender means you will have direct contact with the professionals on your team. On the other hand, working with mortgage brokers may result in hidden fees because mortgage brokers are paid on a fee-based schedule. 


We encourage you to be on the right side of the digital advantage and allow a remarkable direct mortgage lender to take the reins. From application to the close, Wyndham Capital is here to help you apply for a mortgage loan online. Check out this current mortgage rates chart to see up to date interest rates before applying for a loan.


What to Expect When You Apply for a Mortgage Loan Online

Working with any direct mortgage lender is great; working with a direct mortgage lender with a digital advantage is priceless. Here’s what to expect:


Quick and Easy Online Application

When you apply for a mortgage loan online, you can expect things to run smoothly and quickly, as it removes the ancient practice of waiting for a loan officer to reach out and get all of your information. Instead, you simply load your needed documents and information and lock in your rate on the go.


Notifications On The Go

A digitally-powered lender is working even when you’re not. Mobile notifications keep you up to date on your online application status and help you to make informed decisions regarding your home purchase. 


When your application is processed and accepted, you can expect on-demand approvals. Homebuying is made simple with real-time, property-specific approval letters available even on your smartphone. 


Exclusive Digital Access 

Once your mortgage application is approved, you will lock-in a great mortgage interest rate. And once you know your rate, you can start shopping online for your dream home within your budget. When applying online with Wyndham Capital, you can expect Free MLS access. This great feature will enable you to search for your new home with realtor-like access. 


Simple eClosing Options

When mortgage closing time arrives, eClosing is simple. You can sign your documents from anywhere. No more lengthy appointments filled with paperwork and signatures for you because you chose to do your lending online. eClosings mean you can close at the beach or during a beautiful sunset. It’s up to you.


No Hidden Fees

Because you didn’t leave the biggest purchase you may ever make to chance and instead worked with a direct mortgage lender, you don’t need to worry about any hidden fees. There are none. 


Expect More

Thousands of customers can’t be wrong. Wyndham Capital has earned a 98 percent five-star customer satisfaction rating. We are dedicated to making you feel right at home when purchasing your new home. To start, here’s a simple mortgage calculator to help you better understand how much you’ll pay on your dream home each month.

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