This One Piece of Advice Led Me to My Dream Home

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In January, Wyndham Capital began offering its clients free access to 100% of MLS listings.

This tool is designed to give our clients complete control of their home search; from browsing listings to scheduling showings and requesting a pre-approval letter.

In short, we want to make finding a home as easy as possible.

That’s why we were thrilled to hear the following story:

homescout graphic@300x

One of our clients was moving across the country and wasn’t able to easily tour houses. So, we gave her free access to HomeScout.

Here’s how it helped her home search:

What were you most concerned about as you began the home search?

I was concerned about finding a home that would suit my needs in a desirable location.

How did your Loan Officer help with your home search?

She was able to put me in contact with a real estate agent local to the area and provide the HomeScout link.

How did HomeScout make looking for a home easier?

The overall design of the website is great and made the search less stressful.

I had the ability to view homes in my desired location from 1800 miles away. I was also able to create a list of homes to visit before making a trip to the new state.

What’s your favorite feature?

I love the layout and the home photos. And, it’s portable!

Would you recommend HomeScout to others?

Oh, yes. Searching for a home with a busy lifestyle can be time consuming. With HomeScout, one can relax in their easy chair and view the possible home choices.

What do you think of HomeScout?

I love it!


Want to see what all the hype is about?






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