Then vs. Now: The Changing World of Marketing OS for Loan Officers

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Last Updated: 6/7/2021

When it comes to marketing, the world has changed. It seems that costly print ads and in-person networking events are a thing of a past. Now, digital marketing is all the rage. Social media and search engine optimization are the name of the game.

And the mortgage lending industry is not exempt.

At Wyndham Capital Mortgage (WCM), we understand the changing landscape and work hard on behalf of our loan officers so they can focus on the main thing: serving our borrowers.

How We Do It

To help our loan officer succeed, we have developed a collection of tools that blend an omni-channel approach with intent-based lifecycle marketing with the goal of sending you the right leads at the right time.

To continuously drive our loan officers with more consistent, higher-quality leads, our marketing wheel is supported by a 30-30-30-10 rule aimed at maximizing earnings for hours worked.

Our approach to marketing includes:

30% Digital Marketing: Consider this your own personal marketing team. The objective is to find you high-quality, single-source leads and to promote WCM as the leading FinTech mortgage lender. From social media management to website optimization, our marketing team works on your behalf to find your next borrower.

30% Lead Aggregation: Wyndham Capital also believes in pay to play. We have partnerships with top lead generators to bring you single-sourced leads. Our loan officers aren’t competing with dozens of lenders, and the borrower isn’t inundated with phone calls.

And it’s more than just the leads – it’s also the technology that generates the leads. The robotics behind the scenes communicate with the borrower and walk them through the preliminary process. When the customer is ready to move forward, you receive the lead. This means you begin to personally engage with the borrower at the right moment – when they’re ready.

Our lead aggregation process saves you and the borrower time and frustration. It also simplifies the overall process and increases your earning potential.

30% Referral: The traditional way to generate leads still has a place at WCM. Between the relationships that you’ve built and nourished and the reputation we’ve developed over the years, referrals are still vital in driving quality leads. To help supplement the network you’ve created, Wyndham Capital has more than 6,000 five-star ratings that validate our service quality and put potential borrowers at ease.

10% Loan Officers: This is where you come in. These are the personal touches to your business that makes it unique. From responding to emails to attending networking events, our marketing wheel leaves room for your own personalization.

With our perpetual wheel of quality leads combined with tech-focused innovation, Wyndham Capital loan officers have a head start in filling and working with their pipeline. And that’s the level of service and support you would expect from a leading FinTech mortgage lender. Our technology feeds you leads, while you focus on the most important thing: providing top-notch customer service to our borrowers.

Maggie joined the Wyndham Capital Mortgage team in November 2020 as a Content Strategist. She has more than six years of content creation experience, which includes launching WBTV’s digital brand Queen City Weekend (now QC Life) and garnering more than 1.1 million page views across her articles. With a love of storytelling, she hopes to bring that passion to WCM and the many families it serves. She resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, and can often be found at a coffee shop, latte in hand.

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