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 As part of a new ongoing series, the creative brains at Wyndham Capital decided it’d be fun to talk to homeowners who recently went through the home buying, refinancing, or equity process. What did they do that worked? When did they know it was the right time? What didn’t go as planned?

We thought you could learn from their stories – we certainly did.

We sat down with a couple who went through a home purchase for a custom built home. A big part of that “custom” build was making sure they had the space for all six of their children. 

purchase mortgage confessional

What does “home” mean to you?

  • Home is where the heart is and it’s all about family and this is what this home represents to us…where we come together to regroup at the end of the day. So it’s about family nights in, it’s about cooking, it’s about having the kids play in the playroom…A lot of laughter. It’s about big dinners, and all being together.



With that in mind, what was the most important thing to you in regards to your new home?

  • What was most important to us was the lot and the neighborhood to make sure that we had a big enough yard for the kids to play, big enough patio to have outdoor living and cooking and entertainment along with a quiet cul-de-sac so the kids could play in the streets and ride bikes, scooters, skateboards, and have other kids their ages living in the community.



What should people look for in a lender when it comes to a home purchase?

  • A company that would be fast and efficient, that would always be answering the phone when we had questions and being able to help push the process through all the way to closing. You want to be efficient, you want someone who answers the phone, you want to be able to have a call back, you want to problem solve. What we were looking for in a mortgage company was a company that represented service, efficient responses, problem solving, one that would satisfy the needs that we’re looking for in the time frame that we needed to get mortgage details closed and ultimately financed.



What makes Wyndham Capital different from other lenders?

  • Wyndham Capital has been amazing and we have bought multiple homes over the past several years and while shopping for mortgages, we always come back to Wyndham Capital. They provide the service that we like, they provide the problem solving that we need in a complicated process and they provide the efficiency in order to meet the deadlines that are required in buying a home.



The “mortgage process” tends to have a negative connotation. Let’s help change that – what did you find enjoyable about the process?

  • I think one of the easiest parts of the mortgage process was the fact that we had comfort knowing that our interests were taken to heart and that they were included in the process to get us the package and the mortgage that we needed that best suited us and our family.

How did your loan officer play a role in the process?

Our loan officer was instrumental in really taking out the stress of the mortgage process. You’re working full time, you have lots of documents to flow back and forth and our loan officer just made it seamless and simple. It was so easy to do business with Wyndham Capital. I think our loan officer definitely took to heart what we told him and what we explained for our needs in order for him to then develop a package and plan for us that would be best suited for our needs both for the home and our financial goals.

How did the closing on your home go?

  • What I think Wyndham Capital did best when closing our loan was just the transparency in information and making sure that we were comforted knowing that everything was prepared and ready to go for closing and it just put us at ease to know that everything was ready to go when we were going into closing knowing that all documents were prepared and ready.

Would you refer someone else to Wyndham Capital for a purchase loan?

  • I would recommend Wyndham Capital for sure, based on the fact that we’ve always enjoyed the level of service, the level of professionalism, and the access to the team of people involved in order to get a mortgage and the loan closed. That to me is worth going back to Wyndham Capital. Because of Wyndham Capital, they enabled us the opportunity to build our dream house for an extended family in the perfect neighborhood in the perfect lot. We don’t think it could have been done any better than what Wyndham Capital had done in order to make this a reality.




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