3 Unexpected Items You’ll Want This Winter

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Last Updated: 5/19/2021


With winter in full-swing, you’ll want to be prepared for anything. Whether it’s being snowed-in, losing power or experiencing a lack of winter, this list has items everyone could use.

1) New Air Filters

Replacing your air filter for your heater or air conditioner is a necessity, and should be done every 2-6 months (depending on the quality of your filters). Depending on what area of the country you live in, you may be spending most of your time indoors this winter, and no one wants to stew in dirty-air. Winter is also prime-shedding-time for pets, so unless you want to breathe cat hair all day, you should make sure your air filters are changed out for clean-breathing this winter.


For more info on when to change your air filters, check out this handy infographic from FilterBuy:

How Often Do I REALLY Need to Change My Air Filter?

Source: How Often Do I REALLY Need to Change My Air Filter?

2) Draft Stoppers

If you want to save money this winter, and preserve some of your heat, you should invest in draft stoppers for your doors and windows. You can find some on Amazon here. This tape is easy to apply, and it will make sure no air enters or escapes your house.

According to the US Department of Energy, drafts can consume 5% to 30% of home energy usage. Plus, 11% of a home’s heat loss is through doors and windows.

Preventing air from escaping your house isn’t only a winter-issue, it’s an issue during every season. Don’t let your cold air escape during summer, or that wonderfully-warm air escape in winter. Another upside is preventing unwanted guests (we mean bugs, not your annoying neighbor Carl) from entering your home. Bugs love to nestle in your cozy house during the harsh winter, and if they’re not paying rent then they’ve got to go!

opening window outside winter

With a bad draft in the winter, it can feel like a winter wonderland inside, even with closed windows and doors.

3) Personal Generator

Undoubtedly the most expensive item on the list, a personal generator can (literally) be a life saver in emergencies. Whether it’s a snow storm in the winter, or a hurricane in the summer, a personal generator is a must-have to be prepared. Charging personal-heaters, cell phones, flashlights, etc.



A personal generator is one of the expenses in our ebook: 52 Unexpected Costs of Buying a Home, check it out here

Not only is a generator useful for emergencies, but it can also be used in day-to-day tasks in your yard. If you don’t have enough extension cords to reach far-out areas in your yard, you can wheel your generator out there to power any electrical tools you need for landscaping.


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52 Unexpected Costs of Buying a Home





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