Protect your purchase by protecting your rate

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You have your new home under contract. (Yay!) But, your seller hits a snafu and wants to extend the closing date. At Wyndham, you can protect your rate for up to six months. We know that life happens – but that doesn’t mean you should lose your ideal home.

How it works

If your home is already under contract and you need a rate extension, you can:

  • Opt for a 70 – 150 day lock term. The cost: .500 percent of total loan amount fee.
  • Opt for a 151-182 day lock term for a fee of .750% of the total loan amount.
  • Either way, the fee is refundable at closing with Wyndham. (Rare exceptions may apply.)

Why an Extended Lock

Odds are, you won’t need to opt for an Extended Lock. It’s definitely the exception to the rule. But at Wyndham, we’re committed to making sure we have a plan for every potential home buying scenario.

Some of the most common reasons home buyers need an extended lock:

  • Sellers stipulate a long close time up front
  • Sellers run into difficulty, either securing their new home or making requested repairs
  • New construction delays push the timeline back

Our standard Lock and Shop plan lets you secure your rate for up to 91 days. (A more likely scenario.)

Not our only perk

Our Lock and Shop program isn’t the only plus  we offer. When you secure your mortgage with Wyndham, you also get:

  • $5K on-time closing guarantee
  • A one to two week faster closing time than average
  • Zero junk lender fees

Mortgages are complicated. We’re here to take the headache out of it. Reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

Trey started in the mortgage industry in 2009 helping grow a regional lender with 150 employees to one of the nation’s 10 largest retail mortgage lenders. In this position Trey lead marketing technology innovation for sales enablement and the digital borrower experience for borrowers, loan officers and real estate agents. He joined Wyndham Capital in October 2019 to lead Marketing. His strategy of developing emotionally engaging content, tools and applications for loan officers, marketing automation and unique branding has delivered remarkable results. Since starting at Wyndham Capital, Trey has grown the marketing pillar into an internal agency focusing on three core marketing practices: brand marketing, digital marketing, and sales enablement. Under Trey’s guidance, Wyndham Capital works toward being known as the prototype for the future modern lender.

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