Monthly Recap: Record-Breaking Results

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Last Updated: 5/24/2021

For almost 20 years, Wyndham Capital Mortgage has worked, planned and prepared to find success both immediately and in the long term.

Because of that hard work, we are proud of what we accomplish and want to celebrate those who have helped us reach this point. In the first edition of our Monthly Recap, we’re looking at some of the milestones we’ve reached and records we’ve broken in April:

Company Milestones

  • Since our founding in 2001, Wyndham has served over 68,000 families, helping change lives time and time again. And since that first day, we’ve long sought a milestone that has now become a reality: funding over 1000 loans in one month. In April, Wyndham funded 1,117 loans, setting a new company benchmark and making April 2020 the most successful month in our history.
  • But we didn’t get to this point by merely throwing more people at the process – in fact, as our volume has grown, our efficiency has improved. Our technology, our processes and our people have made the scaling up of our results keep pace with a sustainable headcount. This is especially true for our loan officers, who last month reached the target number of 1 lock per Loan Officer per day. In other words, each LO averaged a lock per day last month, an amazing statistical achievement, especially when transposed with the most successful month in company history.

Sticking to our game plans, doing what we do best, continuously looking for ways to innovate and improve – Wyndham Capital has turned to these basic tenants of business to find unprecedented success in these uncertain times. But our wins aren’t limited to company-wide data. Our team members have been leading the way as well:

Individual and Team Success

Records were meant to be broken – at least, that’s what our loan officers said this past month.

  • The top of the all-time company units funded per month list has seen unprecedented change in this past month. At the very top, Drew Fisher set a new company record with 57 loans funded for $21.7 million, adding to a two-month stretch that now sees him in possession of two of the top four months in company history for units funded.
  • Not to be outdone, Kara Whitman also topped the previous high mark in this category, which she set last year, with 52 loans funded for $16.9 million. Kara, who was recently recognized in Scotsman Guide as one of the top 50 female mortgage originators in the country, also set a new company mark with 91 locks in April.

These are just two of the many extraordinary figures reached in April for Loan Officers across the Wyndham Capital team. What makes them even more impressive is, throughout the company, Loan Officers were able to find unprecedented success without sacrificing their lives outside of the office.

With many of them either working from home, working less than a normal workweek, or maintaining freedom and flexibility in their scheduling, they were able to leverage the digital advantages provided by Wyndham. These advantages are unmatched throughout the industry and are just another driving force to why the future looks even brighter for Wyndham Capital Mortgage.

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Matthew Harris is the Internal Communications Manager at Wyndham Capital Mortgage. With over 11 years of experience writing and creating content about topics from sports and culture to financial systems and business, Matthew brings his expertise to the mortgage industry. Matthew oversees Wyndham’s internal communication and content strategies to help drive the internal messaging and creating content that gives both employees and borrowers relevant and reliable information to help them make informed homebuying, selling and refinancing decisions. Matthew has a Master’s Degree in Communications from Purdue University and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Appalachian State University. His interests include social media marketing, content creation and catching the occasional sports game.

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