Learn How To Be Free in the Mortgage Industry

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Posted: 9/12/2018 | Read Time: 1min
Last Updated: 5/24/2021

loan officer hiringAt Wyndham Capital Mortgage, we understand that  a purchase market creates a demanding environment for Loan Officers and other mortgage professionals.However, our vision for our Loan Officers is simply to “set them free”. We promote a healthy work-life balance and we value the role that Loan Officers play in the origination process. We have reduced and eliminated non-selling activities, which keep Loan Officers from doing what they do best; originating new loans. In an effort to cut costs, many competitors have taken the opposite approach –  which, as you can all guess, makes for less effective Loan Officers. While this reduces the processing costs of the mortgage lender, it also reduces the earning potential for employees.


It is our goal at Wyndham Capital Mortgage to deliver on our vision and values. Our vision for our Loan Officers is to allow them to freely originate loans in many ways. We had to think though… outside of our outstanding operations, what else could we provide to our Loan Officers to achieve this vision? From there, the Loan Restructure Team was born.


mortgage origination The mortgage process includes many uncertainties prior to closing, which can require adjustments to pricing, changes to loan terms, and essentially, restructuring the loan. Our Loan Restructure Team’s main goal is to provide white glove service to our Loan Officers (and our borrowers) when these changes are encountered. Our Restructure Team examines all angles of the issues presented to give our Loan Officers more opportunity to originate. They present all options available to the Loan Officer so they can best solve whatever issues their client is facing. The Restructure Team will work directly with the borrower whenever possible to ensure that they are given a thoughtful and customized approach through what can be a scary and stressful process. The Loan Officer is set free from making changes in the origination system, re-disclosing, and/or relocking the loan…, leaving more time for them to truly be “set free”. 




If you need to be set free, earn more money, help others, or improve your work life balance, give us a call.  

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