HousingWire names Angela Fumo industry Rising Star

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Last Updated: 6/28/2021

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (June 2, 2021) –  The steep learning curve for adapting to 2020’s many challenges was met by Fumo with her willingness to make sure the right questions are asked, correct answers were found, and the best solutions were implemented.

“In a year marked by uncertainty, at Wyndham Capital we were able to stay on track in 2020 and Angie was instrumental in our success,” said Jeff Douglas, founder and CEO. “Angie understands the importance of teamwork and routinely puts the spotlight on others to make sure they are recognized for their roles by the department. Wyndham is grateful to have Angie on our team and we appreciate her efforts to help provide superior experiences for our employees and clients.”

Since 2016, Fumo has helped shape the Wyndham Capital culture with roles in the Risk and Corporate Strategy departments where she demonstrated people, process and technology leadership. That experience made her a natural pick to lead Human Capital with a focus on growing the value-driven culture that helped establish a record employee retention rate.

In 2020, Human Capital was charged with onboarding 250 employees. That effort, at the time, doubled the workforce, which now stands at close to 650 with plans to be close to 1,000 by year end to meet the demands of the booming market – all while fostering a culture of values, diversity, inclusion, and success. Fumo and her team implemented high-quality remote onboarding, orientation, training programs and ensured the company was equipped to support team members while managing record volume and stressful at-home lives due to impacts of COVID.

It was Fumo’s courage to take on new tasks, be open to change and ask questions that have afforded her these opportunities.

“Having the courage to ask a simple question or ponder an alternative way of doing things can help you connect, find commonalities, and deepen a personal relationship with someone,” Fumo said. “The greatest leaders are not the ones with all the answers, but the ones asking the right questions.”

Gene King is the Director of Communications and PR at Wyndham Capital Mortgage. Gene has over 20 years of experience writing and creating content in the financial services industry, having led communications at H&R Block and Ally Bank. Gene oversees Wyndham Capital’s content strategy, social media, media relations and internal communication to help establish WCM’s brand, recruit and retain employees and drive customers. His team does this with relevant and reliable information to help customers make informed homebuying, selling and refinancing decisions. Gene earned a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas. Gene, a regular speaker on measurement and content strategy, also earned his Accreditation in Public Relations. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys traveling.

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