5 Hacks for Finding Your New Home

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You’ve been approved, and now it’s time to start home shopping! It may feel like you’ve run a marathon to get to this point, but you’ve made it to the home stretch (literally). Being thorough on the front end will pay dividends when you’re living happily in your new home. Check out these 5 Hacks to Help you find the new home that’s right for you!

AdobeStock_78944559.jpegHome hack #1: Don’t try to time the market

Don’t spend all your time, effort and energy trying to predict the market. Remember that market and home prices fluctuate, and no one can predict them 100% accurately. The best time to buy is when you’re in the right place financially and you find the best home for you.


Home hack #2: Know what you want vs. need in a new home 

couple carry with key.jpgBefore beginning your search make a list must haves, nice to haves and non-negotiables. Is move in ready a need? Do you really have the time and energy available for a fixer upper? Sit down and think through all of your options before checking out homes. Many people will have opinions and input, but remember that at the end of the day you’re the one who will be living in your new home. Knowing what you want before looking will help save you some heartache down the road.  


Home hack #3: Don’t judge a home by its…

It’s easy to walk into a home with pepto-bismol colored walls and want to immediately walk out. But truthfully, a layer or two of paint isn’t too much of a problem. Train your eye to be able to distinguish quick fixes that will make a difference aesthetically- and you will be a rewarded house hunter.  


Home hack #4: Really get to know the neighborhoods

Many would argue that finding the perfect home has a lot to do with finding a great neighborhood. Be sure to check the stats, school district and local amenities in area before falling in love with a home. Check out the neighborhood in the daylight and during the night to get a feel for what you’d be living with. Consider the traffic patterns and business of this area in comparison to your daily routine.


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Home hack #5: Make time

Searching for a new home can be time consuming, especially while trying to juggle other priorities.  It may work to your advantage to view homes in a coordinated, timely fashion so that you are able to compare and contrast with a fresh memory. In addition, a good home will only be on the market for so long- so make sure you don’t miss out by wanting to view “X” number of homes before making your decision.



Use these tips and your own intuition to determine if you’re ready to become a homeowner. Feel like the timing is right? Download our First Time Home Buyer’s Checklist to help you stay on track with next steps in the home buying process.






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